2D1N Kinta Valley Geopark Adventure Tour

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2 Days 1 Night – Adventure in Kinta Valley Geopark


Minimum 6 person

RM490.00 per person


The Adventure

  • Whitewater Rafting Adventure (3 Hours, with Certified WWR Equipment)
  • ATV Ride (Leisure Ride, 2 Hours, Double Rider)
  • Caving Adventure at Gua Tempurong ( 2 Hour, with English Speaking Guide)



  • Camping by the Lake at  The Treasure@Taman Herba Gopeng.
  • Transportation throughout the tour.
  • Breakfast & BBQ at camping site
  • All entrance tickets (Whitewater Rafting, ATV Leisure Ride, and Gua Tempurong Dry).
  • Complimentary Kellie’s Castle visit.


  • Train Fares



1. Arrival at Batu Gajah Railway Station: Upon arrival at the Batu Gajah Railway Station, you’ll be greeted and begin your exciting adventure.

2. Proceed to Whitewater Rafting site, Sungai Kampar: After arrival, you’ll be transferred to the Sungai Kampar area where the thrilling whitewater rafting adventure awaits.

3. Enjoy a 3-hour Adventure Whitewater Rafting session: Experience the adrenaline rush as you navigate through the rapids of Sungai Kampar, enjoying the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

4. Lunch provided: After the exhilarating rafting session, a delicious lunch will be provided to refuel and relax.

5. Move to ATV Gopeng site: Following lunch, you’ll be taken to the ATV Gopeng site for your next adventure.

6. ATV Leisure Ride (2 hours – double rider): You’ll embark on a 2-hour ATV leisure ride, with each ATV accommodating two riders. This allows you to share the thrill of off-road exploration with a companion as you traverse through forests, streams, and other natural landscapes.

7. Transfer to Camping by the Lake site at The Treasure@Taman Herba: After the day’s adventures, settle into your accommodation at Camping by the Lake, nestled amidst the serene natural beauty of The Treasure@Taman Herba.

  • Camping by the Lake: Your accommodation for the night offers a unique camping experience by the tranquil lake. Tents will be set up for you, providing a cozy and comfortable shelter for the night.
  • BBQ Dinner: As the evening sets in, indulge in a delicious BBQ dinner prepared for you at the camping site. Enjoy grilled delights under the starry sky, creating unforgettable memories with your fellow travelers.


1. Breakfast and check-out from camping accommodation: Wake up to the sounds of nature and savor a hearty breakfast at the camping site. After breakfast, prepare to check out and embark on the day’s adventures.

2. Head to Gua Tempurung: Depart from the camping site and proceed to Gua Tempurung, a fascinating limestone cave complex renowned for its natural beauty and geological wonders.

3. Explore Gua Tempurung with a guide for 2 hours: Accompanied by an experienced guide, venture deep into the caverns of Gua Tempurung, marveling at its stunning rock formations, underground rivers, and unique ecosystem.

4. Lunch at Warung P Ramlee (Own-Expenses): After the cave exploration, enjoy a leisurely lunch at Warung P Ramlee, where you can savor local delicacies at your own expense.

5. Visit Kellie’s Castle: Conclude your trip with a visit to Kellie’s Castle, a historic mansion with intriguing tales and architectural charm, offering insights into Malaysia’s colonial past.

6. Return to Batu Gajah Railway Station: Finally, bid farewell to your memorable adventure as you return to Batu Gajah Railway Station, concluding your two-day journey filled with exhilarating activities and cultural exploration.

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